Why complicate it!

Why do we end up complicating a relationship when it can be so much simpler. We hold it back from reaching its full potential and even hold back ourselves from enjoying the fruits of having a healthy coordination with the other person. The lack of trust in the other person is something that can be … More Why complicate it!

Me, for me

I’ve always been a person who gets happiness look at other people happy. In a way me being happy started being dependent on others and the fearful part was, I didn’t know when this started happening. The biggest lesson I’ve learned in life is, never be dependent on anyone for your well being. It will … More Me, for me

Bump for the bum

Been few days since I last posted. Been busy with a pigeon baby and ill health. Here is something that is debatable. I travel a really long distance every day between my work and home. On the way after about 30 minutes of drive, I actually start looking for speed breakers ;). Now the question … More Bump for the bum