Is it really that tough as everyone makes it sound!

Looking around one’s surroundings, it is disheartening to see that people find it so difficult to extend a helping hand even with all the time, money, resources, and knowledge in this world they could have. How difficult cant it be to hand over your used clothes to someone in need or give/help someone get a … More Is it really that tough as everyone makes it sound!

Time bound lie’s

In any relationship we tend to lie. It might be in the form of “Timely truth” as in, wait till you think the time is right to speak the truth or “Selective truth” as in leaving out a part of the whole truth. These lies might not look harmful and surely might not be either … More Time bound lie’s

Me, for me

I’ve always been a person who gets happiness look at other people happy. In a way me being happy started being dependent on others and the fearful part was, I didn’t know when this started happening. The biggest lesson I’ve learned in life is, never be dependent on anyone for your well being. It will … More Me, for me