In this world where people have hardly any time for interaction, there are few for whom we stretch our hand so long that it becomes hard to retract. There are people who hold the highest importance for you without awareness of any sorts by either of the person; If you are the one among fortunate, … More Feelings


We’ve all heard about the story of a Lion and the Rat as a child. But as we grow older, we unknowingly forget the moral of the story. for people who haven’t here the YouTube video “Karma” as we all know in general is the concept of balancing the bad and the good. every action … More Karma

Faces: The Story

Faces we see, Faces we Dream, Memories we make, Moments that Fade. A crying Face of a child or A smiling face of a father.. A story to tell, a Story to express millions of Thoughts burst by curves on those lips or crease on your forehead as tensions spill At the end, Faces that … More Faces: The Story

Admiration: Time

In today’s world, we hardly find time to stop and take a look around. Be it the natures mesmerizing beauty or celebrating people around. We are all busy making a living and running a mechanical life that we have forgotten the value of a simple “Hi” or saying “Good Morning” outside the virtual world to … More Admiration: Time