A change most needed now

Here’s another one that we all know about, but still choose it over our own. The “Society”, a once safe haven is now a silent choker by the hands of family and friends, the ones who we trust blindly.

From defining the age we need to work to our carrier choice to who we choose to live with and even the cloths we wear define us. And thinking about it, it is all defined by the same society, The society that once we thought would help us make our lives more convenient and in a way secure is now punishing many in silence just because they think/ look/ be different than the definition of normal. For me, a society shouldn’t be limiting but be flexible enough to accommodate the change. A change in outlook a change in way of doing things or simply a change of how one looks. If change is not constant, we would still be ape’s. And therefore, the ONLY rule a society should have is “Change”.

It is with time, that a civilization and society gave us the scene of security.  But unfortunately, it is the same society today which forces us to follow the guidelines blindly  and any break in trend is opposed by our own guardians, our family and friends, making us weak and venerable. So please, listen to what people have to say, their point of views might be different but that is what makes them uniquely them. If you don’t agree, so be it, all they look for is consent and for consent one don’t necessarily need to agree with the outlook.

Often it happens that even without realizing are guardians are the ones stopping us from spreading our wings just so because THEY are afraid that we might fall. But, they forget the fact that only when we fall do we learn to live.

Have you felt the strain of following something you didn’t want to just because it was defined by others for you to do so!? Do share here and lets give it a shot at Living In Peace instead of Resting In Peace




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