To be, or not to be

Being that helping hand feels good, but it has its down side too. Recently, due to family pressures, I made one of the most toughest decision of my life; to set free one of my dogs, Chotu.

I found him abandoned behind my house with a fractured leg when he was small and almost fit in my palm. I decided to take him in and find a loving home. Unfortunately, even after his recovery no one was willing to adopt him due to his so called “Indian” breed or most popularly called here by “street” dogs. After running out of all options I was left with only choice, to trust a complete stranger to feed and take care of him.

We went ever day for a week to keep an eye on him and even though food and water was available, he lost some weight. Hoping it was due to the location change, we decided to give him a some time to adapt.On our next visit, he walked right up and into the car. With his further weight loss and a few small injuries It was very clear to me that my decision was not right one and it was not just difficult for him to leave the comfort of the home but for me too to let him go not know if he is doing well.

Within fifteen days of being b

ack home, he is fully recovered and pampered kid more than ever. Even though I know that had I not taken him in when he was little, he probably wouldn’t be, I cant stop wondering the “what if” question.

Moral of the experience I guess is,Helping is always good, but only if you can see it through all the way till it demands. Unless you can do that, you will end up riding two boats at the same time and will eventually crumble down. Analyzing my situation, I guess after helping him recover, I should have either helped him get an instinct to live alone or release him to be taught by other of his kind instead of getting him rely on me.Of course he is with me now and will be forever and fortunately keeping him is not that big of a stretch for me, but the “What if” is something I would never get an answer for now.

do let me know your thought on the matter and feel free to click the thumbs up if you’ve gone through similar situation.


Chorus journey - Rescue - Life as it comes
Chotu – Journey from the beginning
Chotu – now after recovery

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