Silence of mind

There was a time in my life where everything seemed not achievable till the time came when I realized the fact that no matter what I achieve I’m not going to take it with me. So unless its something that’s stopping me from breathing, It’s not worth loosing my peace of mind and happiness. Because till the time one doesn’t loose hope and never gives up, it can still be achieved, but just not right now. This does get difficult at times, the wait to get there I mean. It is a gradual process to build that patience so high that nothing can shake you. That’s what I’m ultimately waiting for, “The silent mind” where achievements are not important, just satisfaction of living and happiness that can spread is because when its time for “The End” its only giving we can do not taking.

Its my belief that if I can achieve it, nothing else will matter and ultimately reaching a place where no chaos could effect me. In an effort to get there, I started getting attracted toward spiritualism and to create the atmosphere for the same, I got a Buddha Wall Sticker. Which is what I captured for this weeks photo challenge.


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