Take a pause

Let me start by saying “Life is not short, its unpredictable”. We have all heard many people say this, but do we really understand the depth of it? I surely didn’t till I experiences something that made me realize so.

Few days back while returning from work, I met with an accident. It was minor one but still I was trembling with fear. I didn’t get hurt except few scratches but yet, I was scared. What get chills down my spine was the bus right behind me. I couldn’t shake of the feeling of the consequences if the bus driver wouldn’t have hit the brakes at right time. It could have been the end of it or even worse would be severe injuries that last a life time. However, I got back up with the help of people around, stood there shivering for few minutes and then called my dad.

We keep saying that life is short and we need to live every moment. but the fact is, life is unpredictable. So even if you are at the best of health and worked hard for a secure future, take it as it comes. Live the moment and then continue with the struggles. Because struggles are never ending but life sure is.

Do share your thoughts/comments/experience if you’ve learned the lesson to make things simpler in life with the blacks and whites than with grays.


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