Strong bond

Being a female and crossed my thirties barrier apparently is a big deal if you are single in many cultures. Surely, men have their own fair share, but it is beyond doubt that females have it at least ten times more given that we are clocked biologically.

Sailing the same boat, I am in the process of handling this pressure. I wonder sometimes, what made this engraved in peoples mind. Was its because they thought females are fragile? or was it because people are protective of the loved ones and want to make sure of security? or simply contributing to the biological clock. Either ways, over time it has some way become a social pressure for the family as well.

People do not realize that getting married, having a family is something that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Eventually it might be, but only time can tell that.

Yes, being single has its own complications. But, it comes with its own perks as well and like every other thing, it is individuals prerogative to make their choice.

Fortunately for me, my family is balanced and even though they do, like every proactive and caring parents, want me to have a secure future but would/could never force me into it. Surely, it has taken time for me to let them understand and the questions does pop up every few months but I have the assurity that unless i say yes, I wont be forced into it.

Have you been in a similar situation or have seen someone struggle though it? do share your story.


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