Get that ball rolling

I’ve seen many people go through that lull phase in life where all they think of is negativity, myself included. The reason might be different for different people. It could be pressure or depression of not attaining your goal or a coping up with persons loss or just the fear of being left out alone.

Here is what I did to overcome that lull phase in life.

First off, I Faced the facts, Even if it is something you don’t want to be true, once you accept the facts, it makes your life much more easier and you stronger.

Once you are fully aware, the next thing to do is find the alternate solution to it (since obviously the primary solution wouldn’t have worked in your favor which is why you’ve got lull point in first place). For this, what I did was, explored my endless interests. I tried my hands on many things, from guitar to gardening to becoming a foster parent for rescued dogs/cats/birds to gyming (list is quite long). It took me little less than a year’s time to anchor my thoughts to selected few interests I got positive vibes from. This was the toughest time for me since without a focal point of thoughts, all I had was the negativity that blindfolded my thinking ability. The idea at this point is to pull it together and move to the next option till you find the right one. Surely, talking to close friends might help as well, but only up to certain extend because its only you who can get you back to in game.

After you’ve got your focal point, all you need to do is start investing more of your mind and thoughts to better that skill. In doing so, what you are achieving is a trained mind that attracts positivity.

By choosing this path, now I know where I can find my piece of mind even with chaotic situations in my life. All I need is, the will to not give up; and I know my life lines, my interests will sail me to the safety.

These are the two things that anchored me the most – My rescued babies, Dobby, Chotu, Milky and Coffee – from left to right  (started as a way to distract my mind but became a part of my life in a way that no words can explain) and gardening (pictures below). What are yours? share your story/thoughts/comments/views and may be help someone find their path.

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  1. The past few days/weeks/months, I can say that my life was in that phase. But then just last week, a plan came up and suddenly something excites me again. My feeling is light and I’m optimistic again. And I’m enjoying it, I guess I terribly missed this kind of me haha. Thanks for sharing!

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