Untangle the tangles of growing up

When it comes to being a parent, it is as tricky as one can imagine or may be even more. It is really important to find that right balance between being protective of your little one and letting them spread their wings when its time.

As a parent it becomes critical to understand when to set your baby loose in the world for him/her to learn their own lessons. If not done at right time, you would be risking the kid(s) not being self sufficient, specially when they do not have you to guide them through.

It is imperative as a parent that you teach your child to be able to take decision and be prepared for any consequences/situation that might come their way. It’s during this transition from being the kid of the family to becoming an adult, that the child looks up to you the most. This is when we as children need most support, and knowing that you’ve (parent) got our backs makes all the difference of who we really grow up to be.

As a child to my parents, I look for their trust, faith and support for any decision I take and to know that they would be there beside me even if things do not turn out they way it was anticipated, proves to be my strength to move forward in life with confidence.

For me, It took a really long time for my parents to understand that I am grown up and can take my decisions. For them I am still their little girl who can get hurt easily, but now the difference is, they let me make my mistakes and support if and when it is needed which helps me heal faster to get up again and continue my journey (still cautioning me all the way through though, if may add so 😛 ). As one can imagine, this is a really slow and sometimes even painful process both for my parents and me. But there is a start for every thing sooner or later. So give your kids a chance to show you what you have groomed them into and have confidence in your upbringing.

Do share your thoughts, views and/or experiences. And do hit that like button and the stars if you agree or have had similar journey.


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