Is it really that tough as everyone makes it sound!

Looking around one’s surroundings, it is disheartening to see that people find it so difficult to extend a helping hand even with all the time, money, resources, and knowledge in this world they could have.

How difficult cant it be to hand over your used clothes to someone in need or give/help someone get a roof who is on the drenching in rain? How hard can it get to give one times food to someone starving or water to someone who is thirsty (humans and animals alike)?

Life as it comes - Quotes - Do the good while you can
Do the good while you can.

One doesn’t need to go out of their way and spend days/weeks/months together in time or thousands in money to feel that content they cant get by giving.
It can be just few minutes of your time or just one percent of your monthly income that could mean a difference of a life time for someone else.

As I was growing up, I have heard things like “its not something WE can do” or “you are WASTING your time and money” or “there are thousands out there, will you start doing things for all of them now” etc etc. and later when I realized, its not how much you do, but the fact that you do it makes the difference. It doesn’t have to be 100% or nothing type of situation. And one always has to remember, help given will always multiplies and the chain continues.

One person cannot feed ever single dog that wags its tail, But you can feed one dog feeding her litter. You do what you can, How much ever you can; that’s all what is needed.

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