Why complicate it!

Why do we end up complicating a relationship when it can be so much simpler. We hold it back from reaching its full potential and even hold back ourselves from enjoying the fruits of having a healthy coordination with the other person.

The lack of trust in the other person is something that can be resolved by talking. But still we choose to get tangled in the “if’s” and “but’s”. With this insecurity, we resort to playing tricks to know what is going on the other persons mind. What we do not consider is MAY BE, the person opposite is being truthful and trusting you blindly to even doubt that there is anything wrong and believes that if there are any doubts or questions they could and would be directly be put forth instead of having a convoluted it.

So if you have faced a similar situation or having questions about the other person in any relationship, please take the liberty of asking it directly ASAP (at appropriate time of course) and help your relationship grow stronger and healthier.

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6 thoughts on “Why complicate it!

    1. Thank you so much for taking time out and giving your views :). I used to shy away earlier and had so many doubts if they could understand the why’s and the what’s or not, but when I was on the receiving end, I understood how unwanted and misleading it can get.


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