Reality of being friend zoned 

It’s not unusual now a days be friend zoned. But only the one who has gone through the phase understands the difficulty of being friends with someone who they consider to be more than a friend to make that someone happy.

To maintain that balance of being that friend who they can count on (hopefully) and holding back what you feel for that someone is something that can be achieved only if one can face the reality and still continue loveing them without getting anything in return.

Of course with time it always becomes easier. That is why it becomes important for that other person to understand and give it time so one could get in that zone of actually being the friend.

So if you really want to be friend with someone who have/had feelings for you, and for whom you meant the world, give him/her the time so they could get their act together and form a friendship that is reality than enacting a fake friendship as to in reality they still are holding back on how they really feel about you. If later is the case, you are just being selfish and want the best of both worlds and unknowing might be causing a lot of pain to someone and in that process, you might just shake their believe on the whole institute of love and may be even relationship.

Here’s something that you might relate to if you’ve faced such situation in life.


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