My two non flying guests

So from past more than a month now, I’ve had these two adorable rescued pigeons with me. Both are unable to fly and the x-ray showed that there were no fractures. So, the vet requested me to just let them stay and rest till they are able to fly. So, that’s what I have been doing.

Initially, I had one, almost adult pigeon, and was concerned that it might get into depression away from its kind. But thanks to my cousin (who also does pigeon rescues) we were able to find a perfect solution to it with a rescue of his having the same problem.

It has been such a joy watching them bond and grow till now. I am looking for ways to try and strengthen their wing as well and meanwhile trying to make their stay here as comfortable and natural as possible.

The good part is, they are now accustomed to staying in-doors and have gotten used to my dog as well.

Here’s a picture of them few days back cuddle sleeping together 🙂


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