Me, for me

I’ve always been a person who gets happiness look at other people happy. In a way me being happy started being dependent on others and the fearful part was, I didn’t know when this started happening.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in life is, never be dependent on anyone for your well being. It will slowly become a habit and will eat away your piece of mind when you wont be able to create that happiness for someone.

I started my journey of finding my happiness within me instead of someone else once the realization hit me. In doing so, I started doing so many different things for my self which helped me discover new things about me. I began to understand my strengths and what I can or can’t do.

When you start living for yourself, of course the intention is not to hurt anyone in the process, your feeling of content with everything around will reach a new high and the best part is, only you are responsible for it.

Give yourself time instead of others. Do things for self instead of others. When you do that, slowly but steadily your outlook to the way of life will change. self realization and self enlightenment along with self content is a life that is worth it.


Do share your thoughts and views on the matter and if you are on the same route, do share your experiences as well.

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