Bump for the bum

Been few days since I last posted. Been busy with a pigeon baby and ill health. Here is something that is debatable.

I travel a really long distance every day between my work and home. On the way after about 30 minutes of drive, I actually start looking for speed breakers ;). Now the question you might have is “Why?”. Well, traveling so long, its a welcome relief for my bum to actually feel anything 😛 . It sounds funny but sitting for so long dose make the numbness set in. Similarly, I feel that with a smooth/ planned life, it might get boring, dull and monotonous. Some turbulence at times might give you the jolt to feel alive.

so here’s a question for you, don’t you think that if everything in life goes as per expectations it would make it boring? isn’t it sometimes good to be surprised? wouldn’t an unexpected turn of events make you feel not robotic and more of dynamic life? I think yes! Because its these uncounted for events that end up being great stories in future 🙂

Do comment your thoughts and views.



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