Being ethically unethical

When we are forced to deal with people we are surrounded by, we tend to sometimes get out of line to handle them and the situations created. Surely, there are times when we do need to give them a dose of their medicine but if it can be handled in a way that reflects your personality, that would always be a better option.

I personally do not like to stoop down to their level to make them understand and believe in giving them what I as a human would expect from other fellow human. But unfortunately, the work environment is where people behave like crabs in a bucket and believe that only by pulling people down they would be elevated.

Helping someone in need is the instinct that should be the driving force in any species. But unfortunately, we only believe in “survival of the fittest” and going unethical to service is not a cause of concern any more.

People do not realize when they play the so called “Work Politics” just to rise above others or even worse in my case was for them to feel secure, that they are demoralizing, demotivating and probably forcing others to question humanity.

Recently I faced a similar situation which pulled my spirit so down that I decided to quit my job. Soon I realized, quitting the job will not just give him that satisfaction but ultimately I’ll be at loss. So even though I would have to struggle may be ten times more, I decided that I will quit the job but at the right time for something much better. This would prove that I know the “what’s” and the “how’s” of my job and one can just stomp over.

Currently I have started working towards my goal to be able to leave this job and in doing so, I DO INTEND to give them a taste of their medicine so they thinks next time before they pull someone else down.

I hope this helps people who are/have faced similar situation to keep going and do not doubt yourself in any way. Remember, keeping silent and not voicing is not just injustice to you but possibly many more.

Holds good in most cases except for few stubborn ones

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