Behaviour and judgement

She is wearing mini, she must be very out going. He has so many girls around him, he must be a flirt. Opinions/judging follow you every where you go.

It is sad that we stereotype people at a first glance. “first appearance makes or breaks” holds good only when you are interviewing. In regular life it is very difficult and not correct to judge anyone unless you are in their shoes.

When it comes to judging a person one should remember the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Only way you can know someone is to spend some time with them. The experience might be positive or negative; but that’s the only way you can be sure.

I remember during my undergrad, I never spoke to anyone during the first semester since I was uncomfortable for many reasons. Language barrier and the fact that it was the first time I was forced to interact with guys were the major reasons. It just made me nervous to my hair tips. After the first semester though, I made few friends and was back to being the normal me. It was then that one of my newly found friend told me that they were scared of me since I was too quite. I responded that with, “How do you feel now about me?” and the reply was “you are fun”.

That conversation has stayed with me till now and will do forever. Today, whenever I am interacting with someone new who looks out of place to me, I remember my conversation with my friend then, and pull myself back to try making the person comfortable enough to really show who they are and leave the opinion for later.

Lets be honest, people are ALWAYS opinionated and there is no stopping it. Only “good to have” filter would be TIME to know before you form your. Of-course you don’t need to pass on your opinions of others to others. Its your point of view as to how you look at things. Let others have their own.


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