Hidden “Happy Express”

We are so imprisoned and bounded with our own restrictions today, we forget to truly live. Most of the times it feels that we are just living because we are alive; Not knowing what we want or what is truly important to live a happy life.

For anyone to even make an attempt to start living the life they wanted, they should know what makes their soul happy suppose to what makes one momentarily happy.

As a child I was crazy about animals. I remember getting pups or kittens and hiding them in my basement. It was during that time I decided to take biology and eventually vet studies as my career path. Unfortunately, the typical practical thinking made me follow the herd. Even after earning decent, I was struggling to find that inner happiness. That made me feel lost, struggling to find a purpose to my living. Clearly money was not doing that trick for me. Momentary splurging did help but didn’t last long. It was my first rescue that made me realize what I was missing.

Since then till now, I managed to help out with rescues and became foster parent whenever possible. Even today if I feel lost (that could be due to any reason like break up or work pressure etc), I look at my dogs and I instantly find my reason to tie me back to the ground.

We end up measuring our society standards and living standards, but often forget our happiness standards. This goes on to show how practicality can sometimes screw up with prioritizing. It is very important to MAKE a pause when you find yourself on such a cross road where you have to choose between your happiness and “other” standards. Something that helped me find my break even point is to set up a realistic and practical short term goal. Once I achieve it, I could get back to my “happiness” standard track to balance it out.

So if you are struggling in life and not finding that satisfaction of living, I suggest you stop for a moment and find your balance that keeps your “happy bug” hearty and health and onboard your happy express :).

Hearty and healthy
Happy Bug

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