Circle – A complete life cycle

A colleague of mine once told me, Never commit to any work you dont know completely about, and correlated it with a “complete” circle. what I understood from that is,  “Never leave a circle incomplete”. Here, the circle depicts any situation that can come back to haunt you. His point of view was more from work outcome prospective (as in, gather all the requirements before starting to code). However, when you think of it, it stands true to every situation in life. For instance, during my undergrad a very close friend of mine flipped on me and stopped talking to me. When I tried to talk to her, she ignored it completely and therefore I decided to talk to her only when she calms down. As the time passed, it had graduated to ego for me. Surprisingly, that took two years and her brother’s interference for us to start talking again.

Now connecting the two – what my colleague said and the undergrad school incident, Had her brother not interfered we probably would never have had cleared the air and would have missed out on many precious moments in each others lives. Since I never knew  the why? and the what? of this whole episode, this could have become the “incomplete circle” leaving room for misunderstandings, ego, and negativity.

My purpose of writing this is to encourage any one out there to do what ever it takes to clear the air and enjoy each others company. Life is too short to hold on to any kind of negativity. “Every thing that begins has an end, except emotions”, they can linger around people for long periods time and its up to you to make it a happy one.

All the very best to closing your circles and fill them with all the positivity there could be. Don’t forget to click those stars and the thumb-up if you make the connect :).

Begin and end
A full life cicle

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PS: Cover photo courtesy Niting Samireddy. Edited using pixlr

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