Fun – Being the kid me

My idea of fun is “Rediscovery”, “Reinvention” and “Recreate” and sometimes “Redo” and “Revisit”. Basically this give me a wide range of variety at the same time allows me to explore something new; I may not like it, but it would be something new.

Every time I give something a shot, I am filled with excitement and enthusiasm and sometimes eager to see the outcome :D. Blogging was one such experiment for me which is turning out to be fun and relaxing in its own ways; and getting to interact with new people around the world to share your thoughts with, is just one of the many perks here :).

I have also started with my sketching again (after ages of break if I may add so :)) here is a picture of one that I made yesterday. feels like a kid drawing πŸ˜› . It was fun doing it though πŸ™‚



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