Self Connect – Staying true to your feelings

When you really love someone, you will be whatever they want you to be and not force them into anything. It could be a friend, a shoulder to lean on, or someone who they can talk to their hearts content, anything. Because, even if they don’t know it, its you who knows what they really mean to you.

I know many people do not agree to it and some just don’t understand and mistake it for being weak and unable to move on, but the fact is you are strong and your feelings are stronger to surpass the barrier of being together.

Unfortunately, some people get themselves involved with different partner forgetting that they would never be able to actually force to feel for someone when their mind and heart is with someone else.  And lets not forget, when you are mentally ready, you DO move on.

For me, what matters is to be true to what you feel irrespective of what other person feels. It does not matter that they don’t feel the same way as you feel for them. One doesn’t  have to be in a romantic relationship when in love. Sometimes being a supportive/silent friend is the way to show off your love because that’s what they need the most and if you love them enough, that’s what you will be.

So if you are in such a situation where the person you love doesn’t feel the same way about you, don’t you worry.As someone wise said “If its meant to be, it will be and no one/ no thing can stop it from being”. you just need to know that you love them and love is all about giving; and when the right person comes along, you will cherish it ever more.


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