A difficult choice

Life is a constant struggle for many people, self included. We unwillingly end up doing thing we are not wanting to or passionate about. With all the competition around, we are faced with a difficult choice. A choice to either follow the herd or chase your dream. Both have their high’s and low’s.

Unfortunately, this choice is presented to us very early in life (at least for many of us). In such situation, it becomes the responsibility of parents or guardians who we look up to for guidance to make that decisions for us. If they are not confident or if there is even a slightest of disagreement between the two, its a clear indication to rethink and revisit all possible choices. It also becomes equally important of our guardian to, if not support, at least not degrade or show dissatisfaction in case things don’t go on their terms.

It is very important that we find a balance between what you want for yourself and what others want from you when taking this crucial decision as this is when you are laying a foundation for the rest of your life.

I think the question one should be self answered is “am I OK if my boat is just up afloat or do I want to aim for the shore?” because from what I have personally seen, when your heart is not in the work you are doing for living, you are bound to have a longer struggle than many surrounding you; which can be very intense if you can’t handle it sometimes, and the flame to reach your shore may blow off before you can do so. So choose wisely and know what you are getting into or putting someone in if you are helping them make that choice.

I hope this help’s at least someone out there to make the right call :). Do give a thumbs up and click those stars if you feel the connect ๐Ÿ™‚

A choice everyone has to make

PS: Picture courtesy Nitin Samireddy. Edited using Pixle.




6 thoughts on “A difficult choice

  1. Lovely post! The truth is that many people live their lives based on what society decides for them, I have been occasionally guilty of this. But one can never live a life of fulfilment living by the dictates of others.


  2. This is good. I think we are shaped and molded to follow society. We have to go to college and get a job so that we can buy a house and car. People will look at you differently if you choose not to do what everyone else believes is correct. Great, thought provoking post!


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