Narrow – Bright and Flexible

When I saw the word “Narrow” on the this week’s photo challenge, it triggered the memory of my visit to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

I was fortunate enough to be able to stay in Singapore for a year on work. During that time I, like all travelers, explored the place. Jurong Bird Park was the place which kicked off my “Singapore exploration”.

They (Jurong Bird Park), are home to Pelicans (and of course many other wonderful diversities from bird kingdom). These birds – Pelicans, struck a cord in my memory because of their bright feathers and piercing eyes along with striking long and narrow yet flexible (because of the sack) beak.

Here’s a click of them. I must say, I still look at this click sometimes and even in picture, it has this calming effect (like watching aquarium sometimes)



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