Does it really matter?

Most of the times, it’s a human tendency to over think about pettiest issues. Finding acceptance, or fear of solitude, or to make someone realize something (mistake or your point of view or something else)  or someone talking bad about you behind your back  or approval etc. are just a some of the instances that eat away from all the peace of mind we can get.

In such situations, I started asking myself this question “Does it REALLY matter?” –  A million dollar question I think, and surprisingly enough, IT DOESN’T. Doing so, I not only avoided many such unasked for situations but also, gained an self acceptance of who I really am. I mean, who cares if someone is being rude behind your back or who cares, if someone can not understand your intent is. You know your self worth and have a clear heart and pure conscience and that’s all it is to it. So keep your cool and be happy with your choices.

If you ever end up asking your self the same question as well, do let us know how it went for you 🙂 .

Million dollar question


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