Rescue – Cherries that make it perfect

For me, the rescue work (mostly pups and pigeons or sometimes cats) I do, whenever the opportunity presents itself, is something that gives me inner piece. The time I get to spend with them. Learning their behaviour, playing with them and just watching them is my cherry.

The latest rescue I did was a baby pigeon who had eye infection and was probably just out of nest and still getting a grip on spreading its wings. During the two week stay, it gave me a tough fight every time I tried to catch it to feed it and give its medication/eye drops. But, once I would, she would be so calm. I have had quite a few pigeons stay with me but none have been so cuddly. It would fall asleep in lap if you pet it ( something I have never seen happen before 🙂 ) .

Here are pictures of some of the memorable moments I got to spend with these handful but satisfying rescues/ fosters I did from the time I started back in 2012

This little girl was with me ten days . She was adoped into a loving home later
From the first rescue/foster I did, this little fellow was adopted the last
My first rescue, litter of seven


Only cat I picked up. She loved climbing and was really playful 🙂
Last Pigeon I fostered, the most wonderful two weeks ever

This little pigeon I picked up was also a new flyer. It loved cozing in the carpet and every time it would do that a smile would bound to make its way 🙂

Cherry on top

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