Melting Anger

Anger is one of the most harmful emotions. Unless one learns how to channel it in the right direction, It brings no good and might fuel ones ego.

I have many times due to this anger been rude and used harsh words with people around me (for what ever reason it might be). Most of the times I do tell myself not to waste time on being angry since with experience I’ve learned that there is no point in doing so, especially because it’s the people who are dear to us that we get angry at. What we forget when we get angry is, eventually it subsides and you will end up making things awkward between yourself and them.

To  avoid such situations, I usually tell my self that it’s any ways going to evaporate so why even bother, just forgive,forget and move on (or something in similar lines). The fact is, it doesn’t matter whose mistake it is anyways since the damage would already have been done. However, by reacting to it we would only make it worse. I have been able to save myself from many such scenarios by “self talk” or distancing myself till it subsides. Except for few times where I just can’t keep my act together. Mostly because it hurt me more than I can handle or was cornered.

I hope I will eradicate it completely from my life some day. So if you’ve got any ideas on the matter, please do share 🙂 . Till then, here’s a funny melting ice-cream depiction of anger to tickle your anger away 😀

ice crean anger

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