In this world where people have hardly any time for interaction, there are few for whom we stretch our hand so long that it becomes hard to retract.

There are people who hold the highest importance for you without awareness of any sorts by either of the person; If you are the one among fortunate, then you will realize it. I feel one should never leave an opportunity to express verbally or by actions to let them know what they mean to you (provided you are aware of how you feel 🙂 ).

It is not as easy for everyone else. Many people realize the importance or feel the absence of those special people when it is too late.  With experience I can say that “that feeling”  NEVER goes away.

People say that “with time we forget”. However, I have a difference of opinion. For me personally, what I felt, It never went away. It just lies in a slumber and wakes up when you again see or hear of/from that person. All of it returns back as if it were never gone. Having a tendency to keep stretching to see that happy face, I unintentionally end up in such situations often (no complains though 🙂 ). While it feels good to get them back, but it is short lived for various reasons.

Knowing how one feels and accepting the facts does make it easier to live in reality. However, it does takes its toll and drains a lot off of you emotionally and mentally for you to pull yourself together and keep moving on.

What also helps to move on is giving yourself short term goals that would help you take things one day at a time.It keeps your mind occupied instead of (over)thinking and/or making yourself miserable.I have personally tried quite a few things, from reading to guitar lessons to workouts and many other activities. Finally the two things that kept me occupied were my dogs (three of which I got during this phase :P) and now writing.

If you have any struggle that no one is aware of, know that you are not alone and believe in yourself to make it better for you. Only you know how to lift that spirit of yours the best.


Residual Feelings


PS: The pictures here are made and edited using Pixlr tool

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