Opposites – Perceptions, Its how you see it

There may be many ways one chooses to look at people and/or things around them. Every impression they create or every view they inspect, creates perceptions. Some might be good while other, not that much. Here is a picture I clicked of an office building with reflection of beautiful clouds and dancing trees, in another words lively. However, when one views the same structure from another angle, it is quite opposite, dull and lifeless.

It is actually very simple and easy to ignore. But relating it to all the strained relationships we see today, I cant stop wondering, why do many people choose the angle of perception which ignores all the good in a person/relationship? Or may be, just may be, one is looking at it in a completely wrong direction. Why do people shy away from communicating their mind and presume the worse before even giving a fair chance?

I have had my share of miscommunications, and I can only imagine what the outcome would have been, had I had a slightest clue of what was on the other persons mind. These are sure open ended question to which I’m hopeful to find an answer too some day :). Till then, here’s the click to feed everyone’s thoughts or just to enjoy the blue sky reflecting embedded in our concrete jungle 🙂

Reflection - collage


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