Pure: Mind, Body and Soul

Purity in thought’s,
Purity in prayers,
Purity in a helping hand, with no hidden scares.

A shiny smile; a happy tear, a reward that brings cheers.
A tight hug; a squeezing hand, an self accord that makes it dear.
A Pure though that makes the sprite fly high.

Higher we go, the stronger the cord with the inner sole.
If done right, there shall be light.
Sparkling and pure, to make it clear,
that Purity in intentions,
Purity in speech,
forms a bond that can not be breached.

~Ekta Shah


In recent times, i have had this battle with myself. Like many people, i questioned myself “Why do i need to be good to people who have been mean to me?” and quite a few on the similar lines (surely you get the picture ๐Ÿ˜› ). Be it loving someone or just baring someones rude behavior. The only explanation i have is that what ever the thoughts/feelings i shared for those people had no hidden motives. They were, are and will be what they were portrayed in the first place. If someone makes me feel negative i might distance myself but for sure be there for them if needed. My thoughts and my intentions have always been clear (or at least that what i like to think) and what i have learned from experience is that there is no point, being rude or harsh or wanting bad for anyone. Doing so just poisons your thoughts and kills your time and no one is benefited with it.

For me, the rescues i do or any help i give to anyone is something i do to see that smile and relief on their faces. It actually makes one feel awesome to know that there is some good that is been done for someone and you are the reason for it. Even if they don’t know or realise it, its worth ones time and/or efforts ๐Ÿ™‚ .

My most recent room mate. been with me now three days


Be good, Think clear and serenity will follow that will get you to a point in life that is worth living. Be a reason for that smile or waging tail and most of all be true and pure to yourself to be able to see through the thick clouds of negativity.

Photo challange: Pure

3 thoughts on “Pure: Mind, Body and Soul

  1. Such an uplifting poem. Thanks so much for sharing. I also like your thoughts at the end. Sure, not everyone will be nice to us. But if we keep positive and hold no malice against them, it will be easier for us all to get along and there will probably be one less fire to fight in our lives. As cheesy as it sounds, in the end, love conquers all ๐Ÿ™‚

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