We’ve all heard about the story of a Lion and the Rat as a child. But as we grow older, we unknowingly forget the moral of the story. for people who haven’t here the YouTube video

“Karma” as we all know in general is the concept of balancing the bad and the good. every action – good or bad – sets in motion our path to future causing a ripple effect that not just effects you but people around you as well.

We all have enough bad around us in the form of corruption or religious radicals or even in our daily lives. Simple way of understanding if it is a good action you taking up is to ask yourself, how you would feel if you were on the receiving end of the same deed.

Crab in a barrelWith never ending competition and the social pressures to keep up with the pace, many of us resort to bad tack ticks like lying, forging, and in some cases turning a blind eye. What we tend to forget is that karma is like a boomerang. An act of benevolence will find its way back in due time.

With over five years of working experience, I’ve come across many people who in the name of smart work or just to be in the good books of their superiors, exploit their fellow workers. This not only demoralizes them, but also effects their way of thinking. The fundamental of any relation, the genetics of TRUST is modified and the suspicion over shadows the bonds that could be.

It is very saddening to know that we have lost our faith in humanity. Living in constant fear of either being used by someone or not letting someone reach their potential.

CrabsA friend once asked me “why don’t you give lift to a person on the road?” and like every one else I said “because I do not know the person so I don’t feel safe letting someone in”: that’s when he made me realize, the seed of fear (of being taken advantage of) has seeped in so deep that from our childhood we are TAUGHT not to trust anyone (specially strangers).

One helping hand can modify the whole thought process. Be that helping hand for someone and the happiness you get is the bonus 🙂 be that one person to start the change and give people around us one less person to look out for and get defensive and/or demoralized from.

Let us not forget the kids, let us give it a new beginning, a beginning to trust in humanity.


One thought on “Karma

  1. I don’t believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in Karma. Or at least I belive in it in some way. I belive our actions, attitudes and the vibes we send out in the world all come back to us in the end. If you send out love and positivity I believe that’s what you’ll get in return. The same with hate and negativity.


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