I Love you; I Love you not

communication-is-a-two-way-thingAll relationships in life are important. From the time we are born, we are born with them. Parents with whom we have the love-hate bond, Siblings who are our second teachers and we grow up mimicking them in every way possible, uncles and aunts; And then there is one relationship that we have a choice on, the one that we get to choose in due time, that of our “Life Partner”. Even thought we spend years trying to find “the right one”, there are time that we fail and some that surprise everyone.

Right from the time of courtship, one gets diverse thoughts. From “Dose he/she love me?”Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.22.06 PM to “he/she likes Chinese food too!”  and doubts like “do i really love him!” which only time and communication can clear.

Many people even are a victim of fear. Fear of loosing or fear of commitment or the worse, insecurity, and infidelity.The solution to any problem is good proper communication at the correct time.

Miscommunication is a death sentence in any relationship and the birth for it are the doubts. In my experience, it is a wise decision to give it enough time before coming to a final say. Like a coin with two sides, it is more often times that we misunderstand the other persons intentions and not getting a clarity on it crucifies the relationship.

R&JWhen people say “Trust is important in a relationship” it is not just the trust that he/she would not cheat you. It is also, to trust that the other person will never do anything to hurt you. With these doubts lingering in ones head, they not only are torturing themselves but are hurting others as well. So friends, let us give things time, give yourself and others opportunity to clear the air and breath free of fear.

So open those gates of communication, break those Textwalls, see each other in eyes and melt all the impurities that are sagging your relationship. Let them know “YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME”. May be they are waiting for you to make a move.

Have you known someone (or may be yourself) with similar situation of having trouble communicating their thought and have over come to make it a stronger bond? Share your story and point of view with us.

3 thoughts on “I Love you; I Love you not

  1. This is a thought-provoking post. For me your text is too small, but it could be my cataract ( no I don’t really have cataract…lol)

    Be sure to edit your work before you post to avoid certain errors which kinda disrupts the smooth flow of reading.

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