Admiration: Time

In today’s world, we hardly find time to stop and take a look around. Be it the natures mesmerizing beauty or celebrating people around. We are all busy making a living and running a mechanical life that we have forgotten the value of a simple “Hi” or saying “Good Morning” outside the virtual world to a person or the difference a smile can make or a hug can make one feel.

I personally enjoy spending time with friends and family. Grabbing a cup of coffee or just sitting and having a great laugh and socializing. This not just makes one happy but also  thankful.

We all understand the importance of the time since we have to “MAKE IT” to stay in touch and be available for the people around us when needed; specially during the electronic age where its a “clock work” we live in.

It is these times that makes me thankful for being blessed with such wonderful people around me who care enough to catch up and be a part of my journey. I also admire them for being able to manage their schedule and show that the relationship is important enough for their efforts.

There are many obstacles that people face to maintain their relationships today. Work, family responsibilities and personal goals are the most common ones. As the saying goes “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget how make a life”, the ultimate satisfaction of living a full and happy life is the relationships we make during and not the materialistic living because when the journey ends, it is those memories that people remember you with.

So thank and be grateful to every person that surrounds you for sharing your laughter’s and tears or anger and depressions. Finally, admire and be admired and give back the good you receive, spend time with your loved ones because TIME IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE GIFT one can give or receive and make it a LIFE.

Reminds me of a very beautiful song (Hindi) from “Namastey London”, “Mai jaha rahu, Mai kahi bhe hu, tere yaad saath hai” which means “Where I am, Anywhere I go, your memories will always be with me” :).

Family and Friends



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