Friends!!! who are they? some people find a friend in their parent some with colleagues some with school or college mates some with their life partner. To me; i found my friend in a mischievous four legged fur ball, Dobby.YES!!! I was inspired by Harry Potter.

He came into my life at a time when i needed someone to listen to me patiently and not judge (like every ones life, mine had its own share of downs). After all, Friends don’t judge. He was just two months and full of energy and joy. Always playing and finding new ways to get attention.

He turned eight this year. He still has his mischief moments, runs away with toys, scares away visitors and  the list goes on.But now, he has got three fellow mates to accompany him. They are Milky and Coffee or MnC as I refer to them , are sisters, and Chotu the youngest of the four.

All four together keep me on my toes and remind me everyday i wake up, that life is beautiful and their licks and wagging tails are the reason to keep looking forward.



People find their friend in the least expected ways. Most of us don’t even realize our special friend. Its only after you part ways that you do. If you are one of the few who do realize the importance of your friend, say it to them if you can, show it if you cant and make sure you never let go and do all it takes to see how a smile on their face be transferred to yours or in my case from licks to kisses.


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